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President Obama has convinced the Congress to pass a $787 billion stimulus package,

and then, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled the administration’s bank bailout plan, which could cost up to $3 trillion.

And last week, Mr. Obama rolled out his $275 billion anti-foreclosure plan.

Now add that up and it comes to $4 trillion, that is 4,000,000,000,000 – It has 12 zeros.

What is the consequence

Let’s try this out

Supposing you were living at the time of Christ, zero BC and you started saving $1 billion a year till now, you still have a long way go … say another 2000 years

But here, you have to add 6% interest to the 4 trillion and you have 240 billion per year and that comes to $548 million per day

Who earns that kind of money anyway?

The Dow has plunged to a 6 year low and analyst are predicting that it might fall further to 5000.

Stock market in Asia and Europe has been affected and going downtrend

It seemed like it has not bottomed yet

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